Documents Needed for Entities


You will need a Trust Certification, which is often located in the front of the Trust Agreement. The Certification is done by many attorneys as a short cut to the information we all need to conduct business. It is Usually two to three pages and will give the names of the Trust, names of the Trustees, Alternate Trustees and their powers (i.e.. to sell and buy) This Certification must be signed.

In the alternative, we will need a copy of the Trust Agreement and we will pick thru and find the name of the Trust, Trustees or Alternate Trustees, their powers (i.e. to sell, buy or encumber) and we are looking to make sure it is signed and notarized.


We will need to see the Operating Agreement for the LLC, this document states which member/members are needed to conduct business and what types of business they are allowed to do (i.e. buying and selling). This will dictate how many members you will need to complete your transaction and who they are. We also check with the State registry to determine if they are a current LLC and if their fees are paid.


We will need to see their Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. These documents tell us what positions are held (i.e. President, Secretary, etc.) and who or how many of the officers are needed to conduct business. Also, when a particular sale or purchase is approved by the Board of Directors or Officer. We also do business within the State of Oregon.


We will need to see a copy of a Partnership Agreement to see how many partners are needed to conduct business and who they are. Partnerships come in General and Limited types. Like LLC’s and Corporations, we are looking to make sure we have the correct persons who can complete sales and purchases and that they are empowered to act on behalf of the Partnership.


Estates, as in the case of someone selling on behalf of a deceased person, will require Court documentation called Letters Testamentary. This is a document appointing a particular person, generally called a Personal Representative to act on behalf. If they are listed in a Will and no Court action has been had to appoint them, you will need to get them to and attorney and have them appointed. We will require the Letters Testamentary to close out the transaction.


In the case of property held by Husband and Wife, as tenants by the entirety, we will require a death certificate only and the deceased spouse to vest in the surviving spouse. This meaning is A and B are married and hold title as a tenants by the entirety and A dies. If you are listing or selling this home, we will require a certified copy of A’s death certificate to vest the title in B only.

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